Bomarzo, a village in Lazio at the foot of Mount Cimino, possesses a unique work, the Villa of Marvels, also called the Sacred Wood or Park of Monsters. lt was designed by Prince Vicino Orsini and the great architect Pirro Ligorio in 1552.
The park is unique, even if it belongs to the erudite architectural-naturalistic culture of the second half of the sixteenth century. Refined ltalian style gardens follow geometric and perspective rationality with embellishments such as wide terraces, fountains with water games and mannerist sculptures. On the contrary the learned Prince of Bomarzo dedicated himself to creating an eccentric "wood" having the blocks of peperino emerging from the ground sculpted into enigmatic figures of monsters, dragons, mythological subjects and exotic animals, a crooked house, a funerary temple, fountains, seats and obelisks with carved mottoes and inscriptions.
The Sacred Wood is an unusual solution which does not follow sixteenth century usage; the different elements have no perspective relationship between each other and have no coherence or common proportions. Everything is invented with iconological criteria which escape even the most impassioned scholars, a labyrinth of symbols which envelopes anyone who enters. They inspired many artists at the time including Annibal Caro, Bitussi and Cardinal Madruzzo. After the death of Vicino Orsini nobody took charge of the place and it only began to be appreciated by intellectuals and artists such as Claude Lorrain, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Salvador Dali, Mario Praz and Maurizio Calvesi after centuries of neglect.



The entrance is free of charge with the following rates:
CHILDREN (4 to 13 years): € 8.00
Note: no booking required


It requires a letter of introduction

GROUPS: € 9,00
(The groups must be at least 30 people, a free entry ticket will be reserved for the companion of each group)


Free entrance for the bus driver.
Free guide book
It's provides a guided tour service for a fee and by reservation.

IMPORTANT: for recognition of the tariff groups (min. 30 people) must be booked
at least 5 days before the visit to the following contacts:
- telefono: 0761/924029
- fax: 0761/924029
- email: info@parcodeimostri.com

The Management reserves the right to change prices and conditions without prior notice.


It requires a letter of introduction to the school with a list of students.

- from 4 to 17 y.o. € 6,00
- from 18 y.o. € 8,00

TEACHERS: € 6.00
(groups of 15 people have a tribute for teacher accompanist)

PARENTS: € 8.00


Free entrance for the bus driver.
Free guide book
It's provides a guided tour service for a fee and by reservation.

IMPORTANT: for recognition of the tariff Schools must be booked
at least 5 days before the visit to the following contacts:
- telefono: 0761/924029
- fax: 0761/924029
- email: info@parcodeimostri.com

- Booking compulsory lunches or picnics at the following email address: info@parcodeimostri.com

Tariffe Colonie e Parrocchie

ADULTO: € 8,00
BAMBINI: € 6,00

- Richiesta una lettera di presentazione della parrocchia/colonia.
- un ingresso gratuito ogni 30 persone paganti.


Ingresso omaggio per l’autista dell’autobus e per il parroco.
libro guida in omaggio
è disponibile un servizio di visite guidate, a pagamento e su prenotazione.

IMPORTANTE: Per il riconoscimento della tariffa Colonie e Parrocchie è obbligatoria la prenotazione
almeno 2 giorni prima della visita ai seguenti contatti:
- telefono:0761/924029
- fax: 0761/924029
- email: info@parcodeimostri.com

- Nel caso in cui il gruppo desideri prenotare per pranzare all’interno del parco, può scegliere tra una serie di menù che vanno dallo snack veloce al pasto completo da consumare nelle apposite aree.

Menù Orco - Menù Drago - Cestino Nettuno - Cestino Pegaso - Cestino Tartaruga

Visite Notturne

Un’evento unico, una passeggiata misteriosa al chiaro di luna, tra fiaccole e illuminazioni suggestive
L’apertura notturna del Sacro Bosco è concessa a chi ne faccia richiesta, dal 1 Aprile al 2 Novembre, sino alle ore 24:00 salvo approvazione da parte della Direzione.

È possibile organizzare aperitivi nel Parco o cene caratteristiche.

La concessione dell’apertura su richiesta è riservata ad un gruppo minimo di 30 visitatori, e comporta il versamento della somma di Euro 16,00 per persona.

Sarà richiesto il pagamento di un biglietto di Euro 16,00 per ogni persona eventualmente eccedente le 30

La prenotazione della visita dovrà essere concordata con almeno 15 gg. di anticipo.

Il pagamento dell’importo dovuto, dovrà pervenire con 10 giorni di anticipo rispetto alla data della visita, a mezzo di bonifico bancario.

La visita nel Parco non potrà comunque superare le 2 ore.

Eventuali disdette, a pagamento avvenuto, comportano una penale del 50% rispetto alla somma versata che sarà trattenuta.

Durante l’apertura su richiesta, non sono concesse agevolazioni tariffarie.

Gli importi sono comprensivi di apertura del Parco, presenza di un nostro responsabile, servizio di vigilanza straordinario, spese generali per luce, acqua, pulizia preliminare e risistemazione finale per la riconsegna degli ambienti.

È possibile organizzare visite guidate accompagnate da un suggestivo sottofondo di musica rinascimentale eseguito con strumenti d’epoca.


- Book shop

- Bar

- Snack bar

- Restaurant by reservation (for groups only)

- Children area

- Parking (unguarded)

How to get here

Distances Km.

Highway A1 Exit:
Attigliano Km 4 
Roma 105 Km
Firenze 215 Km
Perugia 114 Km
Terni 50 Km
Civitavecchia 76 Km
Gubbio 140 Km
Caprarola 32 Km
Viterbo 21 Km
Bagnaia 14 Km
Tarquinia 62 Km
San Martino al Cimino 29 Km
Civita di Bagnoregio  36 Km
Soriano nel Cimino 11 Km
Orvieto 41 Km
Orte 15 Km
Grosseto 156 Km

From Viterbo:
Located 20 km. along the highway Viterbo-Orte, exit Bomarzo.

Highway A1:
Exit Attigliano, Bomarzo direction

Rail station: 
From Orte Scalo, by bus Bomarzo direction
From Viterbo, by bus Bomarzo direction
info orari: http://www.cotralspa.it


The park is open every day of the year without a lunch break.

From monday to sunday.

0In the months of November, December, January, February: h 8.30 am - 5.00 pm

From March (with daylight saving time) to September h 8.30 am - 7.00 pm

October h 8.30am - 6.00pm




We kindly ask you to respect nature and the surrounding environment.

Don't abandon waste.
Use the appropriate baskets.

The rubbish dispersed in the environment is very polluting and takes from several months to thousands of years to biodegrade.

Biodegradable paper napkins take almost a year to destroy.
Plastic bags are indestructible.
The 100 year old aluminum cans.
Cigarette butts 5 years.
Do not throw the butts on the ground, insert harmful and polluting substances.

Don't pick the flowers.
Don't detach the bulbs.
Don't break the branches.
Each natural element has its own fundamental function for the balance of the ecosystem
(also Insects, molluscs etc.).

Respect the Silence.
Avoid screaming and shouting.

The presence of dogs in gardens, woods and open-air museums can constitute a health and hygiene risk, and a problem of decorum due to the lack of education of whoever leads the animal, as well as presenting a safety problem due to possible attacks on visitors.

These simple rules of good education and common sense will be enforced by the guardian, applying the penalties provided for by the L.P. 18/88.



The visitor to the Bosco Sacro, at the time of ticket purchase, accept the general conditions regulating the entry in the Park and the use of services offered.









Park staff is authorized to supervise the observance of all rules of conduct laid down in this Regulation, and reserves the right to deny access, or to request removal from the park, without any refund to users who take inappropriate conduct and/or dangerous to themselves and others.

Visitors must respect the rules indicated in the warning notice placed at the entrance. The "Sacred Wood" is a sixteenth-century garden and subject to the Ministry of Cultural Estate governance. The best attention is required from visitors while going along the paths, the stairs, and the places around the sculpture. The management is relieved of any responsibility deriving from the back of prudent behavior.


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Sacro Bosco
loc. Giardino s.n.c
01020 Bomarzo
(VT) Italy

Tel. 0761/924029

Fax 0761/924174

- For press office, events, shooting and audiovisual productions.

E-mail: press.sacroboscobomarzo@gmail.com

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